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    The firewall is off — what makes it not (seem like) a firewall issue is that it works, and then it doesn’t.

    Now, I seem to have sorted it by upgrading the firmware on my router. I found a reference somewhere that IGMP should be disabled. I couldn’t find any way to do that on my router, so I found new firmware, and there on the main admin page: IGMP Enabled/Disabled.

    The reason I’m not celebrating just yet is that the problem has been intermittent at times. But so far so good (fingers crossed, knock wood, etc).



    I’m having similar trouble — it actually happens whether I’m using iTunes (version 6 or 7) or mt-daapd or firefly.

    The iTunes server is a G4 Mac mini. OS-X 10.4.9.

    In my case, if I launch iTunes on my Windows PC when iTunes or Firefly is already running on the Mac, the client won’t see the share. If I restart iTunes/Firefly on the Mac, then the share will appear on the client. It will eventually disappear, though I haven’t figured out what makes that happen.

    I also have a Roku M2000. That can see the share, but can’t connect to it. Sometimes it will connect after I restart iTunes/Firefly, but never more than once.

    Thanks in advance.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)