Windows 7 / iTunes9 setup inconsistencies?

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    Any ideas why one of three machines setup with Win7 Pro 64bit and the latest 64bit iTunes show inconsistent connection to the Firefly share I have running on an HP WHS? 2 of the machines are fairly consistent, but one refuses to ever show up in iTunes. I upgraded Firefly to the latest from the nightly builds (1696?) and even installed the latest Bonjour (maybe thats a mistake but it was already not working).

    This is over a WRT610N router with the WHS wired via ethernet. I can RDP to the WHS just fine, everything else seems fine.

    Is there anything special about multicast or any other broadcast driver that might be needed on the client? or the server?
    What about firewalls in Windows7? I guess I took the defaults and they are on, but then 2/3 machines can see it and not the third.
    The one that can’t see is a laptop on wireless g, but then another laptop with wireless n can see it fine

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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