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WHS Firefly Debugging

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    I am running an EX475 HP MediaSmart and have Firefly aggregating and streaming my iTunes database. When I scan the database, I hit an error where Firefly fails returning a category (100) event id 1000 error message. I would like to turn the debug level (seems to be set at 2 by default on WHS…) but the web app for config does not seem to allow for a different level of debug (which of course would help me to identify the track that Firefly is throwing up over). Any pointers on how the debug level can be set in the WHS environment?




    You can manually edit the config file, as the web app is only a ‘web representative’ of the exisiting config file.
    The only problem is that I have no idea where it is located on WHS. On linux the config file is named mt-daapd.conf, maybe you can find something similar on the WHS. 🙂



    Sorry for the delay in responding, but I have been in Europe for a few months for work and am just coming back to this project. The config file is mt-daapd.conf as you suggested and is in the program directory on the MSS. Now to figure out why the server does not like my Bruce Springsteen song! Thanks for the help.



    Ok. I set the log file to level 9 (very bad mistake! Log file was over 7 gb!).

    The McAfee app failed on an update as a result of the space taken up by the log file on the disk. I had to RDC to the MSS and delete the log file to restart McAfee and get it updated (it updates the virus listings). I changed the debug level in the config file to 5. Now, I can’t get the server to stay enabled…it shuts down as soon as I enable it.

    The MSS is using a 1601 version and has pretty limited config options…is it time to delete the whole songs.db and start over? I would appreciate any pointers.



    Just so somone else might learn from my stupidity 😀 The disk space issue caused by the huge log file wiped out my mt-daapd.conf file so Firefly would not start at all. I simply restored the file by copying over the mt-daapd-example.conf file and edited it accordingly to bring the server back to life. Doing this on an HP MSS is a little hard unless you remote desktop connection in to the box…you can then see all of the config options easily from the system tray icon, and you can edit the config files and read the log files in Windows Notepad. Much easier than using the command prompt from the toolkit that MS provides in WHS.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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