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Where’s playlist.html?

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    I installed Firefly on my Unslung NSLU2 (firmware V2.3R63-uNSLUng-6.10-beta), just the standard mt-daapd build from the ipkg installer.
    The Firefly admin states that it’s v.
    But I’m not finding the playlist.html page. It’s not accessible from anywhere in the admin interface, pulls a 404 when I try to visit it directly, and it doesn’t appear to exist in /opt/share/mt-daapd/admin-root.

    Is playlist.html not a feature in the NSLU build of Firefly? Or is there something I’m missing?

    Thanks in advance,



    Its not present in the 0.2.4.x versions, only in the nightlies.
    grab a new ipkg from 🙂

    enjoy firefly! 😉



    Thanks fizze.
    I guess I was under the assumption that the nightlies wouldn’t work on the NSLU2, for some reason. But now that you said something, I’m not at all sure how/why I made that assumption.

    Now I just need to figure out how to get ipkgs from other locations 😉



    Use wget to download it to any directory and use ipkg -i filename.ipk to install 😉
    You could add it to ipkg-feeds, but it doesn’t make sense as an update is unlikely, and this way works fine too.
    Just remove the old ipkg of mt-daapd before you install a nightly.

    oh and svn-1696 is perfectly stable. I’ve had uptimes >100d on my slug.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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