Where are the smart playlists stored?

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    I recently made a full scan instead of a normal one by mistake, which unfortunately hurt the installation of firefly.
    So i had to reinstall and all my many smart playlists were gone!

    So i wonder where the smart playlists are stored and if perhaps i could copy them to have them available if the above happens again.

    Any ideas?



    Playlists are stored in the playlists table in the sqlite3 database ‘songs3.db’. The column ‘type’ determine the type of playlist. I believe the values are:

    0: Internal static
    1: Smart
    2: External static

    I guess you could write a sql script that would extract the smart playlist criteria and save it in a file in case you needed to recreate (if the database became corrupt)

    select * from playlists where type = 1


    Thanks – that sounds good so far.

    I guess the last row is the code for that script.
    Unfortunately i would need some more hints in regard of how to manage to edit that sql-script and how to make it work.
    (Haven’t done that before but willing to learn.)

    Thanks a lot so far


    sqlite /path/to/songs.db

    select * from playlists where type = 1

    You can also make a backup of your songs.db and use it later with sqlite. It’s really easy.
    There is also an add-on for firefox that allows you to manage sqlite databases.


    hi fizze,
    i have installed the firefox-addon for sqlite that u recommended and tried to connect to the database.
    But i cannot connect to it because on my NAS (fujitsu-siemens ams150 with NExt-extensions) the database is in a folder that is invisible by a leading dot: /mnt/.zap/opt/mt-daapd/db/mt-daapd
    Can u help me with that problem.
    (By the way: could we correspond in austrian/german on that matter?)



    I suggest:
    1. Shutdown firefly on the NAS
    2. copy the songs.db to your PC
    3. edit the DB
    4. copy the songs.db back to your NAS
    5. restart firefly on the NAS

    Freilich, ich schlage folgendes vor:
    1. Firefly runterfahren
    2. die songs.db auf deinen PC kopieren
    3. editieren
    4. Profit!!! zurück aufs NAS mit der songs.db
    5. Firefly aufm NAS starten

    Natürlich gibt es noch andere wege, eine SQLite DB zu editieren. ICh persönlich finde die sqlite konsole selbst ganz ok, aber ich bin ja auch ein DBA im wirklichen leben 😉


    Hallo fizze,
    genauso möchte ich es machen!

    Allerdings … muß ich da erst noch ein wenig linux-forschung betreiben, da die betreffenden dateien auf meinem NAS (per /mnt/.zap/….) unsichtbar sind, möglicherweise auch nicht freigegeben sind und ich noch nicht weiß, wie ich da einigermaßen übersichtlich und komfortabel darauf zugreifen kann.

    Aber vielen dank erstmal für die hilfestellung.


    Unsichtbar? 😉
    Mit ls meinst? ein ls -al zeigt alles an, auch .folder

    Falls auf deinem NAS ein ssh-server läuft, ist es wahrscheinlich am besten, mit WinSCP draufzugehen. Dann kannst relativ komfortabel files hin- und herkopieren. Auch aus “unsichtbaren” Ordnern 😀

    Sorry for the german folks.
    If theres anything interesting regarding firefly I’ll translate, worry not.

    Now move along! Nothing to see here! 😉


    I now have managed to copy the songs3.db – so i should be able to copy it back if it happens again that my smart playlist should vanish again some day.

    Fyi: i did the following:
    the devellopers of the extensions on my NAS that made firefly available for my NAS had provided an option to create a symbolic link to the .zap/… – folders which made all the files and folders there visible for windows.
    So that sqlite-firefox-plugin could easily find the database and it made a copy of the database before opening it.

    So fortunately this problem seems to be solved.

    Many thanks for your help, fizze and rregent.


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