Want ITunes only for filling up my IPods – possible?

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    I have a Windows Home Server and is delighted to see that there is a Windwos port for a streaming server for ITunes. Things is, all my music will be imported into WHS as FLAC – which I understand ITunes doesnt support. Now what I need is just to use ITunes to fill up my IPods with music. I wont be using ITunes to import music at all. This also means that ITunes shouldn’t mess with the music structure and tags of the WHS server (its also streaming from Squeezecenter) – it only needs to “read” them. Hope I’m making sense in english here :).

    Is this possible with FireFly? Or do I need to import my music into 2 formats and 2 different locations on the server?



    I’m not an expert with Firefly or Itunes. Firefly is used to read files and stream them somewhere (in my case to a Roku). Itunes wants to be everything, but you can set the preferences so that it doesn’t do anything to the music (what I have done). Make sure you get to the advanced preferences and choose to NOT have Itunes organize your library.

    Hope this helps


    iTunes sees a firefly share as a shared music library. As iPods have been made very anti-piracy-like, it is not possible to fill your iPod from a shared music library. Therefore, you can only fill your iPod with music on the local pc.
    Unless you’re running iTunes on the WHS itself. Then indeed, you’ll have to transcode the flac files to a format iTunes does support. But then you won’t be using firefly.

    The point is, firefly does support flac because it sees when a client doesn’t support flac. When this is the case, firefly transcodes the music on-the-fly making the client ‘compatible’ with flac files.
    But this is for streaming purposes only, not filling iPods and such.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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