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Very Basic Initial Setup Questions

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    I am running Firefox version svn-1676 which came installed on a Netgear ReadyNAS Duo.

    How do I get my existing iTunes music files into the Server? Do I simply copy the files from my PC onto the media directory on the NAS? And then open a new library in iTunes which points to that directory? Or is it intended that Firefox imports files itself?

    Also, it is unclear to me how I access the log files referenced in various posts.

    Lastly, how would I update Firefox on the Netgear NAS–is it even necessary?

    Obviously, these are extremely basic questions, perhaps someone could direct me to a helpful post for beginners.


    To shift your existing library, change the library location in iTunes (found under Preferences) to the media/Music share on the ReadyNAS and then select “consolidate library” in iTunes.
    iTunes will then shift everything maintaining song ratings, playlists.

    The ReadyNAS team have incorporated Firefly’s error log into FrontView’s event logging system.
    Basic messages will appear in the Status / Logs screen. For a detailed error log you have to click the “download all logs” link and extract itunes.log from the file you are prompted to open/save.

    You can’t upgrade Firefly on the ReadyNAS unless the ReadyNAS team provide the update.
    They originally used svn-1696 in the V4 firmware but it was unstable (database problems) so they reverted to svn-1676. HOWEVER, they included the memory leak fixes from svn-1696.

    Firefly on the ReadyNAS is a modified version with some features removed (OGG support, some configuration options) and has to be compiled specifically for the ReadyNAS.
    All the build tools are available so you can compile your own version if you wanted too but Firefly on the NAS is only one version behind & svn-1696 is known to be unstable on the NAS.

    Back when they were Infrant, they did provide .bin files to update Firefly to later versions as they became available. I have no reason to see why this would have changed (they’re doing the same for other Media Servers), it’s just that Firefly has not advanced beyond svn-1696 since RAIDiator V4 was released.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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