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    Hello. I have been using Firefly for a while now and it has been working great for the most part. I have an M2000 in my bedroom and an M1000 in my living room and these both work great with the server.

    I work from home and do my work from a laptop (not the same box that the server is running on) that is on my work domain so as far as I can tell there isn’t an easy way to connect directly to the PC with my music on it (is there?). Until now I have simply used itunes on my work laptop as a client for Firefly. However I have become increasingly frustrated with Apple’s MO of installing extra software and services into every nook and cranny on my machine. So finally I got rid of itunes (as well as Quicktime, Apple mobile device support and apple update).

    This morning I tried both a java client and a flash client and cannot seem to get either to work. The java client is asking for what looks like a friendly name for the library, host and port. I just named it something friendly and it looks like the server is using port 9999. For the host I looked into the server web interface and first tried to use the IP address there then the host server name. I can’t get either to work.

    For the flash client (Fireplay) I read the readme file and it seems to me this is meant for installing on the same machine as the server. I could be totally wrong on that.

    The instructions for the java client (from sourceforge) were nonexistant and I don’t think I am making sense of the flash client. All I really want to do is play files from my library on my home pc like I do with the soundbridges. Being able to stream internet radio would be a huge bonus but I can get windows media player to do that. Thanks in advance.


    Like the ones you tried, the java client, the flash client, or you can simply use winamp:

    A bad part is that it creates a playlist from your whole library. However, Winamp has some nice library browsing methods. i.e. queuelist

    Another bad part is that every time you add new music, you have to generate the playlist again.

    If you don’t mind having your whole library in winamp, and never add any music, maybe this suits your needs.


    Neither the java or Flash client need to be run on the host machine with the Firefly server. To run the Flash client, you do need to have some files on the server. I’m not sure if these are included in some releases of Firefly or if they need to be downloaded separately, but just check the Firefly filesystem for FirePlay.html and FirePlay.swf.
    Then open a browser and point to:

    For the java client, go to the file menu and select New Library. Enter a name for the library, the firefly host, and port. Unless you changed it, I think the default is 3689.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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