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    😯 Oh no! 😯

    I used the Maxtor MSS-II and its original Mediaserver with my DNT IP-dio device. Being a bit unhappy with the server performance I then spent two days installing Firefly on it.

    Its up and running – but the streaming client doesn’t recognize it. Doh!

    Does anyone know if or when uPNP might be supported enough for it to work with the other clients?



    Because I was still learning about all this streaming stuff I made the mistake of buying both a Roku Soundbridge AND a Philips Streamium NP1100 (instead of two Soundbridges). I love Firefly for serving FLAC to the Soundbridge, and when UPnp/DLNA is ready I will also be able to serve FLAC to the Philips. Hooray when this happens! 😀


    First of all a big THANKS to Ron and co, I love Firefly (still mt-daapd to me!), it’s been reliably serving transcoded FLACs from my NSLU2 to my Soundbridge for a couple of years now.

    Can I just ask what the likelihood of uPnP functionality is? Fair enough if other projects have taken over, but I guess there are a few of us hanging on for uPnP who might be better off looking for alternative solutions if it’s unlikely to happen any time soon.

    Thanks again for the great work.


    I know that Ron has started coding on UPnP, but as we all are sadly aware of, Ron is now challenged by other tasks. 🙁

    Chances are some other apps like gupnp do that a hellova lot better soon.


    I was hoping to see mt-daapd (:-) have UPnP support! I did try mediatomb and ushare but no luck. In my debian/Kuro-box (ARM9 cpu) I cannot get all of the dependant packages working and can’t find solutions for those independantly…

    I was crossing my fingers for firefly to take it over… So… DOH! 🙂


    I had ushare and also fuppes running on my NSLU2.
    They aren’t as comfy as firefly for music, but they work. I ran unslung on my nslu2 though.

    I’d be really surprised if there are missing deps on debian/ARM there….

Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)
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