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Trouble with D-Link DIR-615

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    I am at my whits end over this! I have had a D-Link DIR-615 for about a year. My Soundbridge 1001 has always worked OK with WMP 11, capturing playlists and music, all though I frequently dealt with windows vista dropping the sharing, which would have to be reset. That and a few other bugs, plus the desire to use iTunes caused me to look at the Firefly Server. I could never see iTunes with Soundbridge anyway. So now Firefly is installed, runs fine, captures all songs and playlists, but the Soundbridge doesn’t see it.

    I have seen all the posts on here about problems with D-Link and have palyed around with the settings but have not seen a solution. I have Multicast Streams enabled. If I hardwire plug the soundbridge into the router, it sees Firefly immediately, but nothing over the WAN.

    So then I see a post where someone took and old D-Link access point, plugged it into their DIR-655 which was having the same problem, and was able to get it to work after pointing the Soundbridge to the access point. I have an old Linksys travel router WRT-54GS and tried to do the same thing, but can’t get that to work either. Whenever I turn DHCP off on the travel router, I lose the ability to connect to it, no matter what I do, and playing around with every kind of IP address configuration you can think of.

    So now I’m left with the realization that it simply won’t work with the D-link DIR-615. I think the multicast stream feature just doesn’t work. I have the latest firmware update. I’m about to put the thing on eBay and buy a new wireless router. Ofcourse, I want to make sure I get one that works OK.

    I’m looking for recommendations on a good router that works well with Firefly, or perhaps someone has figured out how to get some of these D-link routers to work? There are a lot of settings. Perhaps I’m missing something.

    Sorry for the very long post, but I feel better to vent about this, if nothing else. Anyone got any ideas?


    Just an FYI, guess my patience got the better of me. Found a pretty good deal on a Netgear WNR2000 yesterday at Circuit City. So I bought it, yanked the D-Link router, plugged in the Netgear and everything works perfectly!!! I didn’t have to do anything special either. It found both the Firefly Server and iTunes, both of which were invisible on the D-Link router, wirelessly anyway. Hated to spend the extra money when I had a perfectly good router, but I also wonder what other future frustrations I will avoid by replacing that thing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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