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The case for reviving Firefly

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    Now I’m confused, Julien.
    In the meanwhile I have updated my linkstation (NAS with mipsel architecture) to Debian Lenny with a custom kernel, which means, that my glibc is still too old for forked-firefly, but at least my kernel would work. Now I see, that you, Julien, are the package maintainer of the firefly package (“mt-daapd”, svn-1696) on Debian Lenny. Why didn’t you write a forked-firefly that runs on Lenny? Now you have to maintain Ron’s old code on Lenny and you have a forked-firefly that only a few people can use. I mean, if I were you, I would have written forked-firefly in a way that it can be used on Lenny and become the package maintainer of that forked-firefly instead of Ron’s firefly.

    Anyway, it’s your code and your decision. For me the question is: should I upgrade to Squeeze (I’m a bit afraid, because of the mipsel architecture) and just use your forked-firefly or should I try to “downgrade” your code so that it can work on Lenny.



    Julien, I have a patch for you which was needed in order to serve video to my Front Row clients. I tried sending it to you at, but got the following in return. I also tried sending it to your debian address. If you don’t get it, and do read this, please let me know how to best get it to you.

    From: [email protected]
    Subject: failure notice
    Date: Monday, December 7, 2009, 9:31 PM

    Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.

    No MX or A records for

    * Accepts “QuickTime*” and “Front%20Row*” as user agents
    * Returns a Content-Length header for streamed files
    * Respects the ending number in a “Range” header
    * Returns a correct “Content-Type” for video files

    Basically, Front Row is much pickier about how the response headers are constructed than really anything else.

    Also, while I was at it, I cleaned up a few things which you may or may not find interesting…

    * Streaming file is never closed, as far as I could tell, so I added a close() to stream_end()
    * Content-Range was returning one too many bytes on the size.
    * Demoted a couple very verbose logging messages to SPAM, which helped a lot using the log files for debugging.



    @stretch wrote:

    @andrew40 wrote:

    Also awaiting a reply from Roku for which the original project was setup for the understand that may not be forthcoming.

    Roku has pretty much abandoned the SoundBridge product line.
    From what I’ve seen & read on their forum, the biggest problem with the product was that diagnosing network problems is beyond the skill level of many users & poor quality design of their power supplies, especially the SB Radio.

    I have abandoned comms with ROKU for now (no responses) and am getting no responses now from Ron, so what I envisage doing is activating the forum on the new site and closing this board down or running it as an archive. The problem is, is that I have the export but DON’T want to import all the spam, so wondering whether it is easier to replicate with a new blank board and get new users to re-register?

    With the code have no concrete help in the development of it so struggling with this one. Going to try and finalise this today, have been some good inputs (and negative ones). Everyone wants to use it but no-one wants to help manage it, which is a shame.

    I’ll input some progress on here tonight and see where we can go with this?



    I previously posted the following …

    Re: The case for reviving Firefly

    Postby ngonz on Sat Oct 03, 2009 2:01 pm
    I agree the development should be more important than preserving old and maybe obsolete postings.

    I can help with compiling Firefly for WinXP, Vista, Windows 7, OS X 10.5, OS X 10.6.

    Please let’s move forward.

    I am still waiting to contribute any way I can.



    @andrew40 wrote:

    but DON’T want to import all the spam,

    What spam?
    Virtually all of it has been deleted. If i can find the rest, i’ll delete that too.
    We do have 400 odd pages of members with a zero post count that could easily be deleted



    @stretch wrote:

    @andrew40 wrote:

    but DON’T want to import all the spam,

    What spam?
    Virtually all of it has been deleted. If i can find the rest, i’ll delete that too.
    We do have 400 odd pages of members with a zero post count that could easily be deleted

    Yes. Do it. Too much time trying to find the right decision. Let’s take now one. Be the best or not. Let’s move.
    If this goes forward more people will help (like me) as much we/they can.

    Motto: Firefly “eppur si muove”



    Does anyone has a status update on

    After the first coutdown the countdown was extended with 4 more days after which the site suddenly disappeared.
    Twitter isn’t very helping either… Is this a hope in vain of do I have to be more patient?



    Same impatience here… what are the news ?



    @jgoor wrote:

    Does anyone has a status update on

    After the first coutdown the countdown was extended with 4 more days after which the site suddenly disappeared.
    Twitter isn’t very helping either… Is this a hope in vain of do I have to be more patient?

    Patience, all being set up.. What do you want me to tell you on Twitter – “patience”



    I signed up and attempted to make some posts ~1 week ago. I see no sign of them yet… but I see that at least some new posts are being accepted… I’d PM someone and ask, but I’m not seeing any options under the “Contact” heading for the users I see… so again, apologies, this appears to be the only open door I can find (I got the gist that the project is mostly on hold and there were spam concerns in the forums, but I was hoping forum was still alive for user-to-user support)




    Hi guys!
    Very interesting reading in this post, and it makes me very happy to see that someone with the right knowledge is taking this great software back on track.




    What about the brand “Firefly”? I guess the rights belong to Roku, so is it possible to call a forked/next version “Firefly 2”?

    As long as you don’t base it in the USA likely a total no brainer. The Soundbridge is as buried as I have ever seen any product by them. They have virtually no commercial interest in that brand thus. And hunting a “rogue” using their brand outside the USA would require a financial commitment, which would be really strange. Thats not a huge company who just shells out money for nothing I guess.

    On the fork of Julien:

    I think he has got it precisely right by simplifying the code and the features down first before the rewrite. In order to keep it manageable with the limited available workforce that is the only solution. At least initially, till other people agree to expand and maintain other features.
    And I have read the code a slight bit and was totally stunned by how complex and hard to follow it was. So I also would say a rewrite and something clean to start off fresh is definitly the way to go.
    One can always discuss about features and disagree which are essential or nice, but it is a good start. Please lets continue there.

    You have a source tarball downloadable somewhere? Any problems forseeable to compile it on a gentoo-linux Mini-PC? Whats the exact dependencies it has?



    I’ve anxiously followed the site and thusfar in vain. The countdown is being reset every time or just shows ‘0:0:0:0’. There’s no way to communicate unless using “Twitter”, except that I do not twitter and don’t want to twitter. For some reason Tweety needs 500 votes otherwise he won’t proceed (or at least: that’s what I make of it) Therefore I want the initiator of to know there are many people waiting for this great and highly appreciated initiative so please Go Live a.s.a.p. and share your work and passion with us. Keep up the good work! Me, my M1001 and 200Gb of flac files will be very *VERY* grateful.



    I agree with jgoor. I have waited for something to start happening … I wrote a message in this thread about wanting to help a few months ago, and then I waited … but all I saw was the twitter message that “nobody wants to help”. After that I even did some additional searching in case I have missed some page or mailing list that is used to coordinate people who are willing to help. Nothing. So I am really curious, how we are supposed to help. The whole deal with the countdown and the “media silence” reminds me of the unveiling of some Apple product, not an open source development initiative. 🙂



    It’s not cloak and dagger stuff!!

    I am a project manager with a number of resources and finances whereby I can help this project progress. I use FireFly and want to see this project continue and blossom. I am not a coder or do I intend to be, as there are far more better people out there who are willing to do this.

    I have sent emails to several people in the past few months who have said they want to help and have the time to do so, and I have got no response from them. I am also taking the flak for not moving this forward, which I dearly want to.

    Ron is a difficult person to track down and get responses from, although he has given me access to the site and also sourceforge.

    I want to set this up with a dedicated team of developers who can start with the latest fork on a new repository and move the whole damn thing forward. FireFly 2 is not a complete code re-write its just the re-birth of an otherwise fine piece of software with a dedicated number of people behind it.

    A lot of you are asking me for the new code – there is NO new code!

    I cannot do this on my own, and unless I get a decent enough response in the next 7 days other than ‘forum moderation’ then unfortunately I will have to close my part of the process down and withdraw.

    My email is [email protected], I welcome your thoughts, ideas, suggestions and requests.

    Lets make it happen – I have time free for the next 7 days.


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