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svn 1735 feedback

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    I just installed svn 1735 with ogg and flac support on my DLink DNS-323 according to this manual


    and wanted to give feedback:

    1. compilation directory is not working yet
    2. web frontend has some issues when saving to config-file

    Options missing from config.xml
    The options below are in your mt-daapd.conf and Firefly uses them,
    but this web page can’t handle them until they are added to config.xml


    In general different errormessages show up when saving- but they are all saved to the config file.

    Thats what I saw up to now-hope it helps.

    Please keep up the good work developing Firefly furthermore!!!


    I wonder where svn-1735 is coming from. I see it on ch3snas’ site, but it is not on the nightlies download page here.


    It had me interested as well but i couldn’t find anything until i remembered the Firefly trac site.

    Ron has submitted a bunch of patches, last one’s were on 8th June ’08
    If I’m reading it correctly, svn-1735 is an updated svn-1589


    I would really appreciate if the “compilation-directory”-feature would be fixed again, I really miss this 🙁

    And I still hope that some day my feature-request for including addtional sections (except compilations) will be heard … 🙂


    Why don’t you go back to svn-1969 – compilations work there, at least.

    The web-config issues when saving have been there since….. well, a long time 😀

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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