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svn-1488 feedback

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    @ccrdude wrote:

    Oh sorry, I missed that 1489 was there between things 😉

    Trying to connect from both SB and iTunes at the same time still fails on the Soundbridge (Connection to server failed, nothing in -d 2 log), but works afterwards, so no crashing issue.

    Going to have a full office day of playing back iTunes and SB now to see how it’ll do 😉

    Oosh… still looks like some signal problems. I think I forgot to handle SIGCLD. D’oh! No child reapage. I’ll fix that tonight. Once that’s done, I wonder how the signal stuff will work. I’ve had strange signal problems with some platforms, and I hope moving signal handling to the process leader might help on some pthreads implementations.

    — Ron



    Those reports from the long post were all still 1488…. 1489 behaved quite nicely so far… 5 open processes with the SB currently streaming looks about expected. tcpdump has about three dozen of these entries listed though:

    tcp        0      0 jukebox:daap   TIME_WAIT

    And that’s with this named machine haven been off for 12 hours and just turned on again, no iTunes running here yet, and no background iTunesHelper either.
    Only one tcpdump line for the Soundbridge I just started, which looks better.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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