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streaming to PDA

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    I have been running firefly on my home network for ages now without any major probs using a Roku.
    How do I stream data to my windows mobile PPC which has wifi within my network and also can I get the stream over GPRS or EDGE on the phone network?
    Is this what your software is for or can it only work with PCs?



    Firefly is actually only the server part.
    If you find a DAAP (iTunes) compatible player software, then you’re good to go. There also is flash-based web-frontend, that works rather well also with embedded devices. (I enjoy it on my Noia N810)



    I use tcpmp, it can stream http content.

    daap is actualy sort of http extension.

    you just neet to figure out which id you want to stream.
    in tcpmp click open.


    This would stream song with id 1234.
    I haven’t tried an flash based client, but java failed on my PDA.



    Well.. Some people already got the Crossfire client working on their Nokia, so it shouldnt be to difficult to get the client working for the PocketPC.




    Thank you for the info. you seem to be a nice guy.



    I use tcpmp, it can stream http content.

    This is unfortuantely only a hack as it allows no browsing.

    Also using flash or java via a browser isnt great as IE mobile doesnt handle password protected webpages well and Opera mobile doesnt do java/flash well as it either doesnt run or uses too much resources for that small PDA.

    Indeed I havent yet found a standalone player for WM6 for DAAP or RSP that would allow browsing.



    I have support of HTC devices on my todo list.
    Shouldnt be too difficult to get it working using Crossfire though.




    Any progress on this?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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