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Starting out need help

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    ok i have a server with a bunch of different things running on it. It is a ubuntu 8.04.2 with: webmin, dhcp, mysql, proftpd, apache, ssh, and reciently the mt-daapd file (not working). i got the mt-daapd installed and noticed that no web was coming up on port 3689 so i set up the apache side for a port 3689 and i got the blank generic web page with no graphics and 3 buttons that I’m guessing are not working because nothing happens when i click them.
    on top of the fact that the webside is not working i added a file to the dir and i still get no library in itunes.
    Am i looking at this the wrong way or is there something I’m missing? if you want to see any of the config files for anything just ask. anything that will help…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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