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SSH Tunnel

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    So i have mt-daapd running on Ubuntu 8.10. It works great on my LAN. I’ve been able to setup a SSH Tunnel from my work box to my media server, but it doesn’t pick up in itunes.

    If i goto

    I get the firefly login.

    It just never shows up in my “SHARED” folder under itunes. I see the rest of the people in my office, but not my home box.

    Any ideas on where to begin?



    Check the firefly wiki.
    You need to use a software called mDNSproxy iirc.

    Multicast packages don’t go through a ssh-tunnel.



    Firefly media server broadcasts its presents in the local network.
    The discovery of a shared iTunes library is done the same way.
    When you make firefly ‘approachable’ using an SSH tunnel (assuming fizze is right, multicast does not go through tunnel) firefly does not broadcast through the tunnel.
    What I have used in the past is Rendezvousproxy. I have used this little java application to see the firefly hosted at home from iTunes at school.
    (Note: using this alternative, you don’t need an SSH tunnel anymore)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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