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sorting smart playlist

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    It is nice if we can sort (order by ) the result return by the smart playlist.

    year = 2006 AND path = “sundayschool” AND order fname

    I hardcoded the “order by fname” on the db-sql.c; however, it is better to have smart-parser.c to generate it based on the query.

    KK :unsure:



    Yup. It’s on my wishlist too. I was going to make it something like:

    option limit 50
    option sort fname
    option direction ascending
    year=2006 and path="sundayschool"

    Or something.



    Please allow multiple sort directives.

    Getting playlist sorted album by album needs something like:

    "order by songs.artist,songs.album,songs.disc,songs.track"

    which I actually hardcoded into my version of db-sql.c smart
    playlist handling. Does its work nicely especially if the
    compilation concatenating is enabled.

    – .-. ..



    The Code box in my message above appears empty in my Firefox even
    though the preview showed it nicely. Anyways, it should be:

    “order by songs.artist,songs.album,songs.disc,songs.track”

    – .-. ..



    Yeah, there will be multiple fields. Has to. I can’t really think of a playlist that would be sorted in less than three fields anyway. And sometimes in different directions.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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