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Song rating for Firefly via Roku Soundbridge

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    Oooh, I’ve now recreated a feature that should really be there anyway – takes the current playlist and injects it into Firefly so you can recall it.

    * Save the playlist currently on the Roku Client to the Firefly media server
    require_once( "roku_client.php" );
    require_once( "firefly_db.php" );

    $sb = new RokuClient();
    $ff = new FireflyDb();
    $aIds = $sb->GetNowPlayingSongIds();
    $ff->savePlaylist( "Custom", $aIds );




    @fizze wrote:

    Presets on the SB can help you out there.
    You could just create a preset for one particuliar playlist, and then fill that playlist according to your wishes.

    How do you set a preset as a playlist?



    Oh, got it – you need to be actually playing the playlist to get the save preset option.

    Cool, I can create a custom playlist, save it to the firefly DB and then have it turn on with the alarm clock feature now 🙂




    I havn’t been here for a while. And I must to admit that I did not code any line (except the buggy test of “play similar artists” feature) on the tools4roku since. 😳

    So the to main issues are still there:
    ➡ because of the rating function the left and right key is monitored constantly, so fast scroll in lists is impossible
    ➡ if Soundbridge is turned off, the CPU usage jumps to 100% after a while. So some idea is needed how to detect this and send t4roku in idle mode (if prefere an “idle mode” instead to quit the script)

    Further some users reported issues like:
    ➡ non-matching output on the display. As I have only a M1001 with a 280x32pixel display, I need someone to help me or to donate an other SB for me (I like this idea 😛 for address please PM me 😀 )
    ➡ buggy menu functionality; I noticed it sometimes but unfortunately I could not trace it back, always if I try to generate false behaviour with an open telnet conection it works fine.

    Somewhere I read that some guy wants to write a similar software in a modular way. I like this idea and would appreciate a cooperation – lets see…




    i’m really interested in this rating thing.

    Would it be possible to have a small script that processes just that feature?

    On the pinnacle remote control there is a purple key for future use – couldn’t u use this key instead of right/left arow?

    Could double clicking for rating be another alternative solution?

    I unfortunately wasn’t able to find out from which tag-fields the rating actually is taken.
    So i would be very happy, if someone could help me there.
    I have many songs that are found by a smart playlist with rating>xx in it – but i haven’t found out with which program and with which tag-field i can manipulate them all in the right way. It seems that i can find some with tag-fields like POPM, POPULARIMETER and others the like – but that doesn’t find them all. So the question is:
    what program can help me to delete all the different tag-fields that now make the rating find something
    what (single) tag-field should be used to fill the rating field?

    (I’m especially working with MP3TAG and with FOOBAR2000)




    RTNG is the semi-official ID3v2 field for the song rating. firefly reads it, and popularimeter iirc.

    What you needed to have is a program (preferably console based) that writes id3v2 tags to a file specified.
    When I still had my slug I couldn’t find anything, maybe on my new NAS with full-blown debian there are some tools. I haven’t looked for any yet, tbh.

    As far as the remote is concerned: Not all remote codes are being picked up by the SoundBridges.



    But …
    neither of both (%RTNG% or %popularimeter iirc%) show any entry (in mp3tag or foobar2000) for all the titles that show a rating in fireflys smart playlist!

    Thanks anyway




    not every remote seems to have that purple key – mine doesn’t… So to use this key is not a solution to me. Another possibility would be to use two keys for example ( press Key1 first, than left or right for rating within 1 second …). I do not like this idea either – I want a one key solution.
    Double clicking would not work, as double clicking is oly like two clicks and scrolling in lists is like many single clicks…

    To have just the rating feature in the script is possible – just remove all unwanted stuff from the script. Or wait some time until a modular version of t4roku is ready (I am in contact with the guy mentioned above and maybe we will rewrite t4roku…)

    I think the POPM field in the id3v2 tag is the correct place to store the ratings in the MP3 file.

    Merry Christmas to all firefly users.




    Well what’s the code for that special purple key? Some folks have programmable remotes 😉
    Anyway I kinda lost track of this project. Last I checked you wanted to integrate it with some other guys project from the RoKu forums? Any updates on this?

    Also I think it shouldn’t be too hard to cook up a script that uses id3v2 or id3tool at least on linux boxes to modify the metadata on affected tags 😉



    Hello Fizze,

    Regarding the project: nothing new yet. I am in (rare) contact with the guy and we really considerate to merge efforts on t4roku – but so far we have been busy over the holidays and its all in our heads and I hav not written any line of new code since the last post.

    Also the Roku Soundbridges seem to diapear from the market – So I wonder if its worth to put much effort in a script for a discontinued platform.

    A happy new and successful year to all fireflys out there…



    I think most of us love their soundbridges – so they shouln’t disappear in the near and middle future. So only just … no additional ones coming.



    Well RoKu still makes the Radio models. And I’m quite sure I’ll grab a few of these soonish.
    Also I’m not limited by the software choices on the NSLU2 anymore, so maybe there’s a solution that doesn’t require perl.



    Btw: in the title of that thread it says “… rating for firePLAY …” – i guess it was meant to say … for firefly … ?

    And furthermore … i would prefer to have the changes in rating stored into the songs on my NAS rather than only store them in firefly’s database!

    … and regarding the question in regard of that purple key on the remote control: you have that key only on pinnacle branded soundbridges; so that this couldn’t be a solution for everyone anyway.



    thanks for the typo. headline is correted now.

    regarding the rating, you can use e.g. this perl module: and write to the POPM tag of the mp3 file.

    Currently I have no time to write on the software, but if you like you can code and share it here.

    CU Goemon



    Yes, but for the perl inclined it might be easier to use id3v2 or id3tool 😉
    Anyway, as I indicated in this thread there seems to be a problem with ratings in svn-1696 altogether…?

    All my tracks appear with a rating of 20 in firefly.

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