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    Hi everybody,

    I have some questions to you and hope that they don’t annoy you…

    I want to centralize my medialib to a Server in my local network, because we are multiple people sharing the the suff.
    I tried with a NAS and iTunes, Songbird. The problem about was, that the medialib was different on every machine (when i add the album cover on one machine i don’t have it on the others, when i add music from one machine the others have to do a search to get it). Absolutly anoying!

    Is Firefly the solution for all this problems?


    Um. Yes. However I have no idea how firefly works (or doesnt work) with coverart.
    Firefly scans for music and indexes id3 tags and such in a database.
    When firefly is accessed, the information in the database is sent to the user.
    So when multiple people access firefly, they all get information from the same database.
    When adding music, you can upload it to the server, and hit “Scan” on firefly’s web interface to scan for new music.
    Also, on a local network, firefly pops-up as a shared iTunes library automatically. 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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