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    Three questions actually…

    1) Can FireFly automatically organize my music folders by creating folders for each artist, etc…? (just like the iTunes “Keep my music folder organized” feature)

    2) Can I synchronize my iPod using FireFly plus having local podcasts? (eg. I want to synchronize my entire FireFly library [through iTunes] to my iPod as well as my local podcasts)

    3) If I can synchronize my iPod to FireFly using iTunes, will my rating synchronize? (eg. can I change the ratings of each song remotely?)

    4) Can FireFly automatically import any songs in a specified folder and place it into my (hopefully automatically organized) music folder?



    Firefly is a ‘read only’ application. It doesn’t move or reorganise your music.
    It simply makes your iTunes library available to other network attached devices without the need to have iTunes running.

    You need to use iTunes to do the things you want. Firefly is just the equivalent of the ‘share my library’ tick box within iTunes.
    The advantage of Firefly over iTunes is it works with more operating systems & doesn’t need a PC/MAC to be running

    Firefly will pick up changes to the library when it does a rescan

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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