[SOLVED] songs in db disappear upon reboot

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    first, the formalities:

    ubuntu intrepid
    firefly svn-1586
    audio media stored on removable usb media (fat32) and is relatively large in size (70+gig so far)

    issue has been reproduced with deletion of databases/playlists and recreation, as well as a complete removal of firefly and a re-installation of the mt-daapd package from intrepid apt-get repositories.

    i’ve sniffed around the boards for someone else having this issue but i haven’t found anything germane to the problem so here goes:

    every time i reboot the firefly host server, the db contents are flushed. when i log back in to the web interface, the ‘songs’ total is at ‘0’ and i have to rescan/repopulate. The scan will succeed and firefly will correctly serve the audio until i reboot the system again. a restart of the firefly service itself does not cause this, only a shutdown/restart of the host system.

    i’m at a loss here…. any thoughts are more than welcome.
    thanx in advance for your time.

    (I’ll be glad to post a verbose log if anyone thinks that is needed…)


    Sounds like Firefly is starting up before the USB drive is mounted.
    Try enabling the “skip first scan” option in the advanced config section


    that seems to have done the trick.
    thanks for the feedback!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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