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    I have quite a few smart playlists … ca. 70
    Some of them are that big that lately when editing one of them it got truncated … I shortened it and replaced it.
    While working on with the smart playlists it suddenly happened that all the smart playlist vanished from the webinterface!
    Though they are still in the database.
    And they do work on my soundbridge.
    I can create new playlist via the web-interface, but they can’t be seen there as soon as they are created!
    So … i can’t see them and thus can’t edit them via web-interface!
    I was able to look into the database by a sqlite-firefox-addon, but couldn’t delete or otherwise manipulate them from there as there was an error-message that said that the access from that tool was read-only.

    Any idea of how to get my beloved smart playlists back again?


    Hehe, DB editing isn’t for the faint of heart 😉

    Copy your songs.db to the PC and go down with sqlite command line tool, or the FF extension.
    The access to the DB is read-only probably because firefly was still running.

    Export them and then inject them into the real songs.db (or create a new one if that fails)

    Pretty much same game as last time for you 😉

    Grüsse nach D


    Hi fizze,

    ok – they are back again:

    i did delete the last 4 playlists – they seem to have been too big!
    Now the others are there again.

    Willhave to make 2 from each of the big ones and as i have exported them this should be done relatively easy.

    Thanks for your help fizze!


    Hm, when you say too big you mean that the query itself is too long?
    Care to post the bad ones, so someone can look into patching firefly?


    Sure I can post an example:

    rating >= 80 AND (artist includes “bon jovi” OR artist includes “bruce springsteen” OR artist includes “bryan adams” OR artist includes “bryan ferry” OR artist includes “casey jones” OR artist includes “chris isaak” OR artist includes “chris de burgh” OR artist includes “chris norman” OR artist includes “chris rea” OR artist includes “cliff richard” OR artist includes “& young” OR artist includes “don mclean” OR artist includes “eric clapton” OR artist includes “joe cocker” OR artist includes “leonard cohen” OR artist includes “mark knopfler” OR artist includes “neil young” OR artist includes “no mercy” OR artist includes “paul young” OR artist includes “prince” OR artist includes “rod stewart” OR artist includes “roxy music” OR artist includes “scorpions” OR artist includes “simply red” OR artist includes “zucchero”)

    This was one of some such smart playlists!

    I guess I saw an error message regarding something with “no xmldoc”

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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