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Smart PlaylistIs it me or a Sqlite bug?

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    I’m a newbie at this forum and also working with sqlite, but I really hope somebody can help me with this:
    – 1st the gear: Soundbridge + Belkin Router N1 + Firefly server (Windows XP SP3) with Belkin Card N wireless working ok.
    – The mp3 files are stored in drive h and are separated in directories named after 22 main genres (like Blues, Jazz, Adult Pop, Classical, etc)
    – When I tried to make individual smart lists using playlist criteria like

    path startswith “h:Blues”

    the result was zero. (Blues or whatever)
    – Then tried

    path includes “h:Blues”

    with same result – zero.
    – Afterwards, I tried a Firefox applet ‘Sqlite Manager’ and found the same. The only way I could get the right result was when I used


    – So got back to Firefly to find that if I use

    path includes “Blues”

    the result was 779 mp3 files.
    – After checking that in songs3.db the path was for all files “h:xxxxxx” I must confess that although I really want to use that playlist criteria

    path startswith “h:xxxxx”

    I can’t get it to work without your help. If it is a bug I’ll have to stick with what I have now.

    Does anybody enlighten me please? Thanks.

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