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Smart Playlist Wizzard

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    Hello. Just want to say that I love the ease of use of this program, although I did notice a few things when using the Smart Playlist Wizzard in Version svn-1696 in IE7.

    – First of all, when adding more than 2 criteria in the wizzard, only the first two show up in the criteria list after I close the wizzard. I have to manually create the other criteria. Also noticed that if you use the “Metalheads” template, it will show all 3 criteria in the window behind, but when you try to add a 4th one, once again, it deletes all but the first 2.

    – Secondly, in the wizzard, I noticed that you have to change it from “Match All” to “Match Some” and back to get the window in the back to change AND to OR. But when you close the wizzard, it goes back to AND again. Have to manually change it back to OR.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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