slugOS on NSLU2 AND firefly

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    I recently tried to install slugOS and firefly on an NSLU2. While I had no trouble installing slugOS, I was unable to make firefly work. (note that I need the recent release, as I need transcoding. so I want 1696) Admittedly, I did not try that hard, and since I wanted my music, I put unslung on my slug and went from there. However, I really liked slugOS. I use linux at work, so to me, slugOS seem simpler than unslung, with it’s odd links and password issues. Also, slugOS seemed much faster. Anyway, I know a few of you folks have got firefly running on slugOS, any tips? Will one of the 1696 binaries work? Did you compile it yourself? Other comments? Maybe I should just use the Debian install on the slug?


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