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    Hi Folks

    I have a companion post over at:-

    But it was suggested by a friend that it might better placed here. The content of that post is…

    Hi Folks

    I’m looking to purchase the M1001 Soundbridge and use it with my B&O 3300 Hi-Fi via it’s 5 pin din aux input.

    At the wireless end I hope to use a Safecom wireless NAS box SWSAPUR which is attached to an external 160GB FAT32 hard drive that I hope to copy on all my MP3’s etc.

    The Safecom has a blown firmware on it that also allows it to talk to my Topfield 5800 PVR via a dedicated ftp program. This firmware is listed on the Macsat forums at:-

    I believe that I’ll need a linux version of the Firefly server software that has been compiled for this firmware on the Safecom. Can someone please confirm this, and also let me know if a version exists that’ll run on the safecom.

    I’m afraid I know next to nothing about linux, so simple plain english explanation would be very much appreciated for this linux dunce.

    Lastly, the wireless network is WPA-PSK protected along with mac filtering. I think I’m correct in that the M1001 allows connection using these methods, but if somene could please confirm I’d be grateful. Oh, and that the soundbridge allows me to play these mp3’s without my laptop being switched on. My wireless router (a ZyXEL Prestige 660HW-T1) is always switched on.

    Thanks in advance


    I know nothing about your NAS so i cant help there. You can answer the question partially yourself by asking yourself whether

    a) can you telnet/ssh into the NAS?
    b) Does it have a full compiler environment? What does the command gcc say?

    If these two are positive then you got a good chance.

    What I can confirm is that a M1001 (as any M400) can run WPA with the new firmwares. Depending on the preinstalled firmware an update – easily done via network – may be neccessary.


    Point a) I can do. 🙂
    Point b) I can’t. I’ve had some assistance in this area and the project to get it working failed. 🙁


    Then your only chance is to find a BINARY. Unfortunately these are dependant on the libraries used.

    Without knowing what exact brand of


    your model is using that is impossible to say if a binary would work.

    You sure there is no working complier environment )evtl. also crosscompiler environment) for that thing? Because the lack of such limits you to binary distribution then.

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