Running svn-1586 on XP with shares: 1 works/1 doesn’t

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    I have Firefly running on a PC with mapping to shares on two different NAS units on my network:

    – Buffalo Terastation
    – Promise NS4300N

    Interactively I can access the shares on both NAS units on all the PC’s on my network.

    On starting up, the Firefly log correctly enumerates the Windows-mapping of shares to their drive letters.

    I have added the mapped paths (using the Windows drive letters) to mt-daapd.conf.

    When performing a scan, Firefly properly adds to the database music content stored on the local hard drive and on the Buffalo Terastation.

    But Firefly does not add a single file on the share located on the Promise NAS. There are no warnings or errors in the log.

    What might be the source of the problem?


    What are the relevant lines in the mt-daapd.conf?
    I guess there is a syntax error, so firefly doesnt even pick up the other share.


    I am using paths for the mapped drive letters:

    mp3_dir =E:radio,R:,M:

    I also noticed an earlier message from rpedde suggesting to a user that he change the Windows Services login to a user account that is successful in accessing the remote drives. So I just performed that change and have started the scan again. It’ll be a while before I know whether the Promise NAS is now visible to Firefly.

    Should I try using UNC references in the .conf file (instead of the mapped drive letters)? When I try adding them via the web administration page, I get an error on saving.


    OK– Good news.

    I stopped the Firefly service again.

    I changed the user account that Firefly logs in as.
    I changed the paths to use UNC notation.
    I put the “problem” Promise NAS first in the path list.

    I restarted Firefly.

    The log shows that Firefly has identified the music files on the Promise NAS and is adding them to the database.


    Ok, so it was a permission problem once more. 😉

    Glad that’s resolved.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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