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running firefly on freeBSD my ROKU says "incompatible&q

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    I used to run firefly on my PC (windows XP) and it streamed music to my ROKU soundbridge (N1001) fine.

    I have recently put a PC on my network running freeBSD (7.0).
    On this I have firefly running (and I can check that it is via a web browser on a different pc).
    I can also see the libary via itunes

    When I turn my sound bridge on it tells me that it can only find an incompatible server and says that I should use firefly!

    If I kill down the firefly processes (mt-daapd) the soundbridge can not find a server.

    Anyone got any ideas. Am I being really stupid?

    Had anyone used firefly under freeBSD with a Pinacle ROKU soundbridge N1001?



    Ok. I think that I should not have been using but one of the latest nightly builds!

    I have now installed svn-1586.

    This appears to be running (I can access the web page from my windows PC served from the free BSD machine)

    It is giving me a status of:

    Bonjour: stopped
    Firefly media server: running
    File scanner: idle

    But I cant get my Soundbridge to recognize the library. It also doesn’t appear on my iTunes library.

    All ideas welcome. Thanks



    Problem is solved using svn-1696

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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