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Really Stuck Now…

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    I have installed firefly on my Ubuntu 7.04 and trying to access my music on a wireless XP laptop through iTunes.
    On the http://localhost:3689 I don’t have any plugin’s and don’t know how to resolve it.

    I have tried deleting everything and starting again but I now get new errors saying “already in use”

    Here is some of my log file.

    2008-04-15 20:44:39 (b5cc8b90): Thread 16: Entering ws_returnerror (302: Moved)
    2008-04-15 20:44:52 (b750c6d0): Rescanning database
    2008-04-15 20:44:53 (b750c6d0): Starting playlist scan
    2008-04-15 20:44:53 (b750c6d0): Scanned 20 songs (was 20) in 1 seconds
    2008-04-15 20:54:47 (b75716d0): Starting with debuglevel 2
    2008-04-15 20:54:47 (b75716d0): Starting rendezvous daemon
    2008-04-15 20:54:47 (b75716d0): Error initializing howl
    2008-04-15 20:54:47 (b75716d0): Starting signal handler
    2008-04-15 20:54:47 (b7530b90): Signal handler started
    2008-04-15 20:54:47 (b75716d0): Initializing database
    2008-04-15 20:54:47 (b75716d0): Starting web server from /usr/share/mt-daapd/admin-root on port 3689
    2008-04-15 20:54:47 (b75716d0): Listen port: Address already in use
    2008-04-15 20:54:47 (b75716d0): Error staring web server: Address already in use
    2008-04-15 20:54:47: Aborting
    2008-04-15 21:02:37 (b6ccab90): Cannot resolve /usr/share/mt-daapd/admin-root//
    2008-04-15 21:02:37 (b6ccab90): Thread 99: Entering ws_returnerror (404: Not found)
    2008-04-15 21:16:46 (b6ccab90): Thread 100: Entering ws_returnerror (302: Moved)
    2008-04-15 21:16:46 (b6ccab90): Error: enum_fetch failed (error 1): ?
    2008-04-15 21:17:57 (b6ccab90): Error: enum_fetch failed (error 1): ?
    2008-04-15 21:44:35 (b6ccab90): Thread 233: Entering ws_returnerror (302: Moved)
    2008-04-15 21:44:35 (b6ccab90): Error: enum_fetch failed (error 1): ?
    2008-04-15 21:44:40 (b750c6d0): Rescanning database
    2008-04-15 21:44:40 (b750c6d0): Starting playlist scan
    2008-04-15 21:44:40 (b750c6d0): Query: delete from songs where id not in (select id from updated)
    2008-04-15 21:44:40 (b750c6d0): Error: unable to open database file
    2008-04-15 21:44:40: Aborting

    I hope someone can help as I am getting nowhere.
    Thanks in advance…


    It dies when it tries to access the database.
    My guess is the user running the mt-daapd process does not have read and/or write access to the database.

    so make sure the user running mt-daapd has read and write access in the dir where it’s probably trying to create the database, if it doesn’t already exist.

    Mine’s at /usr/var/cache/mt-daapd/songs.db
    But somehow I remember having it at /var/cache/mt-daapd/songs.db

    chmod and chown it to make sure it has access.
    How to easily check if a user has write access in a dir?
    touch it!

    sudo -u  touch bla

    this will run the command “touch bla” as the given user.
    The user which runs mt-daapd should be in the /etc/mt-daapd.conf file.
    “touch bla” attempts to create an empty file called bla in the current folder.

    Hope this helps.


    The message “port already in use” means that there is an instance of mt-daapd already running.
    Make sure you kill it properly, before starting another one.


    I have run the killall and that has fixed the ‘already in use’ thing.
    I have changed the owner of the db dir and the file to me, who is the same as the runas in the .conf file. I have also changed the owner of /usr/lib/mt-daapd/plugins to the same, not sure if I needed to, because on the localhost:3689 screen I still don’t have any pluging.

    This is my log now.

    2008-04-17 14:15:43 (b75076d0): Starting with debuglevel 2
    2008-04-17 14:15:43 (b75076d0): Starting rendezvous daemon
    2008-04-17 14:15:43 (b75076d0): Error initializing howl
    2008-04-17 14:15:43 (b75076d0): Starting signal handler
    2008-04-17 14:15:43 (b74c6b90): Signal handler started
    2008-04-17 14:15:43 (b75076d0): Initializing database
    2008-04-17 14:15:43 (b75076d0): Starting web server from /usr/share/mt-daapd/admin-root on port 3689
    2008-04-17 14:15:43 (b75076d0): Registering rendezvous names
    2008-04-17 14:15:43 (b75076d0): Serving 20 songs. Startup complete in 0 seconds
    2008-04-17 14:16:03 (b6cc5b90): Thread 0: Entering ws_returnerror (302: Moved)

    How do I get the plugins working, why is howl not initializing and what is the last line of my log all about.

    Hope you can help…


    Did you change the owner of the directotry and all its contents?
    as in:

    chmod -R user:group /path/to/folder

    Otherwise the plugins are still owned by the “wrong” user. I think only in svn-1696 firefly complains about not being able to load any plugins, so this is not treated as an error in your version.

    Just to make sure, please post the output of “ls -al” in the db-dir, and also the plugin-dir.


    Everything is working fine now. I think I was using the wrong version.
    I now have SVN-1586 up and running.

    Thanks for all your help.
    I have one problem left but will start a new thread for that…

    Again Thanks… 😆

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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