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    I bought a ReadyNAS Duo for backup, but like to try the FireFly functionality as well.
    I configured the NAS however to be a mirror of the drive in my PC.

    At startup a robocopy script on my PC, will make the ReadyNAS look exactly like my D: drive , so
    1) delete files on the NAS I deleted on my PC and
    2) add new files and
    3) overwrite files I changed on my PC
    (So the D-drive in my PC is exactly the same as both disk 1 and disk 2 in the ReadyNAS)

    I copy everything to

    Now I would like Firefly to stream all content in \MyReadyNASBackupMP3
    BUT I dont want any FireFly data in that directory (since the scripts running on my PC would delete these files becuase they mirror my D drive)

    Is this possible ??

    BTW I know I could configure robocopy not to make a mirror but synchronise both ways but I dont want that.. all masterdata is on my PC.
    I dont want to run firefly on my PC because my PC is not always on, but my NAS is…



    Yes it is possible. All firefly does with your music is scan and index into a sqlite database.
    When the music changes, triggering a rescan on the adminpage should be sufficient to update the database with new music.


    And the database is hidden away on the OS section of the hard drive



    trying to configure it…
    not managing yet, i get error:
    Error: 500general:mp3_dir

    when entering the MP3 directory

    surfing around I think this might be a security issue, the FireFlyuser not able to access this directory…


    This is interesting. From what I have gathered so far it appears that Firefly does not use XML files at all for its playlists. Is this a correct statement?

    I was hoping to use the Firefly server running on my ReadyNAS to generate my library.xml files that could then be imported into Squeezecenter running on the same box.

    I may have to generate the XML file with iTunes and then export to the NAS. Any thoughts?


    Yes that is correct.
    Firelfy can read .xml & .m3u files but it does not create them.
    All playlists are stored in Firefly’s database.
    The db is named songs.db (sqlite) or songs3.db (sqlite3)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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