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    Is there anyone out there who is able to make a piece of software that could manage the following:

    The smart playlists do nicely react on conditions like e.g. “rating >= 80” !
    That rating corresponds to the mp3-tag POPULARIMETER.
    This tag can be created and edited by the program MP3TAG.
    Rating all your songs unfortunately is a big task and u can only listen to each song for some seconds if u want to get the job done in a reasonable timeframe.
    So when listening to the songs later u will probably find some songs mis-rated, e.g. ** instead of ***.

    Now it would be great if one could change the rating up or down one * (star) by clicking a key or two on the remote control.
    And it would be important to have that change not only in the firefly database but in the mp3-file itself!

    So is there anyone out there who is able and willing to make such a helpfull piece of software?



    Goemon has already achieved at least half of this.
    With his t4roku it’s possible to rate songs via the remote.
    Unfortunately the ratings are only stored in the database and not written to the files.

    I’m sure this will somehow be possible to manage.

    On a sidenote, I’ve found Songbird to have the ability to write ratings into the files itself.
    There is some hacking required to enable this feature, and the ratings aren’t compatible with the 0-255 ratings that firefly reads. Still it’s a start.

    Other than that there is no solution that I know – I’ve been tinkering with this problem for quite some time, too 😉

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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