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    Does anyone have any experience with GStreamer?

    For those that haven’t been paying attention (see the a couple of posts in the General Discussion forum), I’ve been trying to get ffmpeg to decode AVI’s and send it to iTunes. I’ve failed misserably and have given up on that – it just don’t work!
    Now I’ve set my eyes on gstreamer. That is way more powerfull than ffmpeg so…

    What I need is a gst-launch command line that can take an AVI (mostly DivX) file, convert it to either MOV, MP4, M4V or perhaps H264 and show it down the pipe (STDOUT). If possible, it should do the FastStart ‘thingie’ to…
    I’ve found a couple of command lines that should do all this (exept the FastStart), but they require a way newer gstreamer installation than I have (0.10.15 with 0.10.2 gstreamer-ffmpeg plugin). I’m missing the ffmux_mp4 element it seems (I do have the ffenc_mpeg4 element if that helps).

    Once I have a command line that works, I can code a plugin to Firefly to do the same, so…

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