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    I have created a separate library from my main FLAC files that my wife and I can use on our iphones and with iTunes. We have a 2G and a 3G iphone and a Infrant NV+ NAS with FireFly setup on it.

    I wanted to set it up so that my wife could access our iTunes library on her Mac at school (her 2nd grade kids love to listen to our music) and also setup up our iphones so we can stream files from home to iphones. What is the best app for accomplishing this on the iphone? I had encoded our library to AAC (m4A) files but am starting to realize that I might not be able to stream this codec over the web using Firefly. Is this correct? Do I really need to re-encode our library to a different format to be able to do this? Also are there any good guides for setting up the FireFly client with Itunes for remote streaming?


    What is the best app for the iPhone to stream from Infrant FireFly app
    Can AAC (m4A) be used with the FireFly client for remote streaming?

    Thanks for any guidance!



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    super-poussin has repackaged CrossFire as a ReadyNAS add-on so you can install it via FrontView

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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