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    at home im running fedora core 8, i have firefly installed and seems to be running. when i start it i look at the log it added my songs and started the web admin pages to which im also able to log into. the server has ssh and openvpn installed and working. my laptop is a macbook pro running 10.5 the problem is i cannnot see the itunes share. i opened up port 3698 tcp and udb and port 5353 <- i believe its mdns port on my server but still no good. can someone tell me where im messing up either on the server side or the client side. any help is greatly appreciated.


    mDSN / bonjour propagates itself via multicast. You might check your firewall / connection settings for that.
    If you are running through an openVPN tunnel, you might need software like bonjour proxy.


    well i got it to somewhat work. using ssh it works [ dns-sd -P “yo” _daap._tcp. local 3690 localhost & ssh -N [email protected] -L 3690:localhost:3689 ] but when im using my vpn server its a no go. when using vpn and ssh it doesnt work either. so any ideas? once again straight ssh is good, vpn and vpn + ssh doesnt work.

    also how do you delete the share after use? looking at dns-sd -B _daap._tcp i see when its created but when i kill the tunnel it doesnt kill the share, thanks.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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