Playlists broken or am I missing something?

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    The main two reasons I (and most likely 99% of people) are trying mt-daap or “FireFly” are

    1) Have a central music repository on a home network
    2) Ability to stream music from that repository using playlist (smart and static)

    Installing firefly was somewhat simple. It worked and it shows my music files across the network. Cool.

    It is also showing the smart playlists which I can easily modify and that’s very nice, but for the love of me I cannot figure out how to make static playlists.

    In the .conf file it has .m3u files disabled by default. If I enable it and start the server – as soon as I even try to click on the shared library – the server crashes.
    I made sure that I have ONLY ONE m3u file in the music folder and that I used “unixy” paths (tried relative and absolute).

    Is there another way to do this? Are some other playlist formats supported? I assure you that without static playlist support – the whole thing is pretty much useless. I might as well use the network share like I did before – obviously I am missing something.

    So – how do I set this up so that I can use any kind of static playlist?
    Btw. I am running this on a Gentoo Linux box.



    All of a sudden – things started working. No good reason why. I dod not recompile the software, I did not change anything I can think of (there is no magic so it must be something I know).

    I’ll see if I get into trouble agian


    What version of firefly did you run?
    What are the specs of your server? 32bit, 64bit? Linux, BSD, windows?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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