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    I’ve just installed Firefly and moved all my music to my server but I am having trouble with the creation of Folders for my playlists. I have converted all my playlists to .m3u from iTunes (and they show up perfectly as a share), but I want to have them arranged within several folders (Greatest Hits, Custom Mixes etc) like I have in iTunes (iTunes does this when you share them). Is this possible to do within Firefly? I’ve searched the forums and Google but have had no luck. Please help!


    IIRC, The playlist files have to be stored somewhere in the path to the actual music files. The top level directory is the best place.
    This is because the path that Firefly sees to your music is different to what your computer sees.

    i.e. My computer thinks the path is “X:ArtistAlbumfile_name” so that’s what goes into the playlists but Firefly sees “share/flash/data/music/Artist/Album/file_name”.
    Firefly is able to work out the “X:” should be “share/flash/data/music” but the playlists have to be in the “X:ArtistAlbum” path for Firefly to be able to work this out.


    Sorry I don’t think I explained myself well. I was successful with adding playlists, but I have 200 of them. With so many playlists I want to organize them in folders (In iTunes you can put the playlists in folders/subfolders). When you share your iTunes library they also show up in the same folders on other computers. I was hoping that because it works when you share them out of iTunes that you can do the same in Firefly (So they will show up in the client side with iTunes running under “SHARED” in the left panel). I hope that’s a little more clear. Help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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