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    Ok guys 🙂

    I will show you something i’ve been working on now for a while.
    And i think it is time to show it here 🙂

    It’s a webbased frontend for ofcourse mt-daapd(/firefly)
    it’s written in php/js/ajax and uses extjs2 (black slickness theme) for the looks.
    It has playlist editor support and on-the-fly m3u generator. and many more!
    Playback is done with a small flash mp3 player.

    It’s still somewhat buggy, but i used this as a learning project to learn about javascript, php and ajax.
    Let me know what ya all think about my little project.

    There can be login issues as i created a complicated ‘secure’ login which is somewhat like Radius (for the ‘kind of’ experts here)
    the url is

    for the record… at this moment internet explorer is NOT supported, use firefox instead!
    user: demo
    pass: demo

    So play around with it and let me know 😉

    Please do not abuse! 😉


    Whoa, very nice! Takes a bit to get used to, but works like a charm. 🙂
    I have the suspicion you’re working directly in the sqlite database from apache? That does open alot of possibilities. 🙂
    Maybe you can also add the functionality to add and manage playlists in firefly, so they can be played on a soundbridge.
    The interface is perfect for that.

    Nicely done, I hope you will launch a release soon. 🙂

    Heerlijke muzieksmaak. 😉


    Wow.. And it works with Chrome!



    that looks cool.
    Can I run that on a slug?
    Could be a way to share my music with family / frieds over the internet …



    thanx for the positive replies 😉

    I think managing playlists in firefly is a little out of my reach atm.
    to be honest i’m pretty new to the php/ajax/javascript scene 😉
    indeed it works on a direct copy of sqlitedb and it has a ‘private’ sqlite db to store username + passwords and admin attributes.
    At this moment it’s pretty unfriendly installation, so needs a lot of cleaning before a actual release can be done.
    Also i need to write some installation docs and some more error handling 😉

    But i hope to post a package within next weeks 😉

    It could run on a slug. but it’s using apache2+php (could run on tinyhttpd +php?)
    I have no idea what the performance will be on a slug.
    As you can see i use it somewhat that way 😉 but mostly for friends and stuff.

    It works in chrome/safari/firefox/opera but not IE 😉 ie has it’s own standards which make a lot of code (Javascript) i use impossible.

    Hehehe thanx! vind ik zelf ook :d


    I’ve used the slug. Apache and MySQL both default use several processes to support 100+ simultaneous users.
    I’ve tried lighttpd. It works perfectly on the slug. PHP is no problem either. And since you’re using sqlite, all software is quite light.
    So this software should run perfectly on the slug. 🙂


    I’ve actualy run turrentflux, gregarius and some other not ecavtly lightweight stuff on my slug.
    I used cherokee and php-fcgi. The performance wasn’t that bad, actually.

    I’m quite certain it will also run on a slug.
    Way to go! 🙂


    i’m planning a beta release soon.
    As the code is not as stable as i want, also might need some cleanup here and there.
    But most important a simple user editor page is what i’m working on now.
    That’s important because else you need sqlite commands to add a user.

    I’ll keep you guys posted.

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