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PC works Mac cant see server

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    Can someone help

    Last night i setup mt-daapd as to your wiki instructions on my linux box (Debian 3.1 – 2.6 Kernal) this all went well and my itunes on my winxp 64 Pro box sees the server and will play the music

    However my mac on the same network cannot see the mt-daapd server, my mac is a powerbook G4 with itunes 7.1.1 and running os x 10.4.8, am i missing something i need to allow the mac to see the share? do i need to install front row or anything? Think ive just over looked something very simple but any help would be appreciated

    thanks guys


    Please take a look at this topic, even posted as a sticky in this forum.

    Since its a notebook, am I right that you try to access the server through a wireless connection? Then you need to make sure your wireless AP has multicasting allowed.


    yeah thanks for that, sorry came accross that fix after i placed the post so was going to check that when i get home, think my d-link router will well fingers crossed it will


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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