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Only 521 songs (random huh?) will share!

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    Hey guys,
    Just set up the build for Ubuntu 8.10 on my home server. I pointed the mp3 dir to my backup partition of about 80GB of 192k-320k mp3s, set the various info like DAAP display name etc.
    I’ve got everything running but two weird issues have shown up:

    1. (major) mt-daapd has decided to pick 521 tracks, seemingly at random as they are all through the file structure, and no amount of rescanning, rebooting, init-restarting will make the scans find the other 98% of my mp3s.
    2. (minor) mt-daapd presents itself to iTunes as firefly svn-XXXX on %h until I authenticate to it, at which point it shows the name I’ve given it. Weird.

    Anyone seen this happen before?



    Well #1 probably is due to file or folder permissions.

    Firefly usually runs as “nobody” in the group “nogroup”, and the music files need to be accesible to that user or group. If that’s not the case then firefly simply doesn’t “see” the files.
    So check your permissions.

    Regarding #2, that is an avahi issue, iirc.


    Thanks man. I think I should have thought about perms before I posted. It’s a lot better now.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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