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On regardless of User Account, Mac

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    I just switched from PCs to Macs. Got v.1586 installed in my User Folder and it works with my Roku Soundbridge. But it turns off if I log out and someone else logs in under another folder or if no one is logged in but the computer is on. In the PC world that didn’t happen. Did I install to the wrong place? And if so, forgive me please but I’m a rookie at the mac, how to I move it or uninstall and reinstall firefly in the right place?



    On windows firefly installs itself as a service, that means it’s started regardless of any user logging on.
    On Macs (and Unix-oid systems) you want to use an init script to have it start automatically when the machine boots.

    I’m no Mac expert, but should have all the necessary steps.


    On a Mac, when you first install firefly you get the option to install for just the one user or for all users – did you try that option? Not sure whether that would work if nobody is logged on, but might be worth a go.

    WRT the link fizze gave you, I would think you’d be looking at playing around from point 5 onwards if installing for all users fails. (I think those instructions relate to a time before Ron came up with the Mac installer scripts as you certainly shouldn’t need to be messing around with installing via FinkCommander.)


    I got it uninstalled and then reinstalled to all users. All that does is give the opportunity for each to use independent copies of firefly. I suppose both could point to the same music file. I tried that but couldn’t get the sharing to work.

    I looked at the init scrip approach… way to scary for this rookie.

    Any other ideas?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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