Old (and empty) Playlists on Firefly Client

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    I am using the firefly client locally (been unable to use it remotely and going to post another about that…). I am using XP.

    mt-daapd/Firefly Version: Firefly Media Server, version svn-1676 on a ReadyNas
    Server Operating System: Windows XP
    Server Hardware: Laptop PC (client)
    Client Device: Firefly Client is .9 beta
    Also tried using: None
    Connection of clients: WAP LinkSysy Router
    Write down a summary of the problem: The streaming songs work fine. I have about 100 playlists. They all have “0” tracks in them. They look old (and include some playlists that are different to those in my current iTunes library). Even the current playlists are blank.
    Web interface: Are you able to connect to the web interface? No. When I click on thefireflyclient.html file in the applet, I receive a dialogue box that says “enter name of new library.” When I type the name, it says “that name is already taken.” The other two fields (host and ???) are grayed out. When I try a new name nothing happens. I cannot close the dialogue box.
    iTunes XML file: Are you trying to set up Firefly to use your iTunes library file? Yes.


    Was just thinking. I may have my iTunes library on my desktop PC, not my ReadyNas (I keep library’s locally and the data on the server) so maybe it is accessing an “old” itunes libary. Hmmm….. Can I simply replace this libary on the ReadyNAS?


    Continuing to track and work through this issue. I am assuming the playlists are either in .txt files (when I exported them) or the .xml library. I am not sure which. I opened the .txt files and, indeed, it forwarded to a drive that seemed like it may only be recognized locally. I deleted all the .txt playlist files (that I had previously exported to the folder containing the iTunes library). I also exported about 5 of my 50 playlists. I am now performing a full rescan to see whether it picks up the 5 playlists. Note, I also deleted a number of old iTunes libaries that were in a subfile. I wasnt sure whether it would have grabbed them. In the FAQs I would suggest it might suggest a bullet-proof way to ensure this captures iTunes playlists. Love the app but the instructions only get laymen like me 1/2 way there.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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