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Noob question re Firefly and Roku Soundbridge

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    I am mightly impressed with the speed in which I can access my album collection (12,000+ songs). But I am struggling with so many track when using the small Roku Interface and remote (I have an M1000). I’d like to be able to control my Soundbridge using a simple web UI (like Slimserver, but slimserver is too slow). I’ve tried to access the firefly webinterface (localhost:9999) but cannot get past the ‘webserver’ login (is there a default User Id and Password??, cannot find it in the documentation anywhere) so do not know if that will provide me with what I need.

    My current setup is as follows – Roku M1000 connected to Router, firefly running on a small PC in the loft, Music stored on a Synology DS106e and mapped via SMB to a local Mapped drive on the small PC. Remote access would be via a laptop within the local LAN

    Any suggestions as to how I can control my Roku remotely and still use Firefly??





    Depending on version of Firefly and platform, password = “mt-daapd” or “firefly” – it is in the mt-daapd.conf file. Leave the username blank.

    As far as remote control is concerned, take a look at the control and integration pages on the Roku forum and look up VisualMR. There are other apps as well, but that seems one of the best.


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    That guy was a bot, I guess. So ignore it.

    Anyway, the question to control the soundbridge remote is not firefly related.
    However, doing a quick search got me the following link:

    Sounds interesting for me too, I’m trying it now… 🙂

    Ok. Seen it. Dang, that program’s version is supposedly in 1.5.5, but I’d say it’s in a late alpha or early beta stage.
    Isn’t completely what you’re looking for. It’s a windows executable which runs a program that clones the soundbridge GUI.

    Anyhow, I’m looking at the source code now, and I see they can talk to the soundbridge simply using a socket. For a fact, I know this is possible with PHP aswell, which makes it possible to write a webinterface. 🙂
    I guess I just found a new project for my spare time (which I don’t really have)

    The program is bugged like hell. It has some nice job handling, but from viewing the debug messages, it had some error trying to list all artists and albums.
    Next I clicked on the 0 found albums, attempting to list it again. Instead, it started listing all 18.000 songs. ouch. Even worse, I thought it didn’t respond, so I clicked several times.
    Yup, it started listing all 18.000 songs over and over again.

    My quick review: Keep an eye on the messages window whether the program is busy. Try to do as little searches and clicks as possible. Each click stacks up in the “jobs next to do” list.
    Overall, it does do what it is supposed to do, so it does work. 🙂


    Anyway, the question to control the soundbridge remote is not firefly related.
    However, doing a quick search got me the following link:

    Did you find this page as S80_UK suggested?
    You could also take a look at this


    I’ve tried them all and VisualMR is my favorite. It seems to have the best functionality and is easy to use. It’s installed on every PC in the house.

    Also keep in mind that when browsing the SoundBridge with the remote, the left/right arrows are your friends. They allow you to quickly jump to the next letter in the alphabet when browsing songs, albums, artists, etc. I find it pretty easy to navigate my library with the remote, although I only have about 5000 tracks.

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