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"No music libraries found"

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    Hi all!

    I’ve been a Firefly user for a couple of years now. Firefly always worked great, no problems at all. However, I can’t get it to work properly anymore.
    I’ve changed my router / access point, so it must have someting to do with that.

    Until a couple of weeks ago, my network consists of a Zyxel ADSL model (2602), a Senao 11Mbit access point, a cheapass sitecom 5port switch and a PC with music/FireFly/Bonjour on it. O, and of course a Pinnacle M1001.
    I’ve changed the AP and router for an integrated one, the Engenius ESR-9710. The Zyxel modem and Engenius wouldn’t work together (two routers…), so the only way I got it working was to disable the routing in the Engenius and use the router in the Zyxel modem instead. (plugged the cable from the modem/router in one of the switch ports)

    And from that moment the Soundbridge cannot find the firefly media server. All devices are in the same IP range, multicasting is on, Firefly is running, Bonjour is running, the latest firmware and versions are installed etc. Wireless network is up and running, I can connect through external desktop to the PC with the music etc. Everything works.
    Even Internet radio is working like a charm, so the Soundbridge can connect to the LAN and WAN. But it cannot find the library!

    I’m a bit out of options. Anyone some ideas?



    Umm. To make things clear for the current situation.

    Zyxel modem/router -> wireless eugenius router, without routing, so practically an AP -> 5p sitecom switch.
    My assumption: The PC is connected to the switch. The SB to the AccessPoint.
    The SB has internet (internetradio works) but does not find firefly from the PC. Right.
    My guess: Multicast/Unicast problem. Try looking around in the eugenius admin page to enable something related to multicast/unicast.
    Firefly relies on that to broadcast itself on the (wireless) network.



    Setup is as you described.

    I found a “Multicast to Unicast”option box, which already was checked. See attachment.

    sorry for messing up the forum layout>

    And I found a checkbox which is called Enable multicast streams” It is checked.



    don’t worry about the forum layout 😉

    Well, I’ve never seen “multicast to unicast” before. Anyway, a unicast is “normal” TCP/IP traffic if you will. That means its only directed at one (uni) recipient.
    iTunes/firefly/whatnot don’t know about anything else in the network, so they adress the whole network. That’s called a multicast. So you should better disable this option and hope that multicasts are routed unaltered. 🙂



    fizze, you saved my day. I disabled this option and it works!

    Many, many thanks! 😀

    Where the hell is that “applaud” smily?



    Owww, fizze beat me to it. Anyways, glad it works. 🙂

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