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    Running in OpenSuSE 11.0 x86_64
    mt-daapd- installed from source

    I have a collecion of FLAC files derved by firefly; I can see the files but the metadata is missing. No Artist, genre, etc. It is in the files (used metaflac). Makes the system next to useless!

    Any suggestions?

    ==John ff


    I cannot get meta data to work with flac files either. Help would be greatly appreciated.

    All my flac files play fine when streamed from Firefly but none of the track info is there – Rhythm box has no idea how long they are for example.

    I am using mt-daapd version and ffmpeg version 0.5-r1 on the music server (which is a Gentoo box).

    As some of my flac files have album art etc. so I created a test file ripped from an audio CD with these commands:

    -flac -> –best -e -V –no-padding (flac 1.2.1)

    It’s ‘file’ info is as follows:

    FLAC audio bitstream data, 16 bit, stereo, 44.1 kHz, 10609284 samples

    and ‘metaflac’ gives me this:

    METADATA block #0
    type: 0 (STREAMINFO)
    is last: false
    length: 34
    minimum blocksize: 4096 samples
    maximum blocksize: 4096 samples
    minimum framesize: 469 bytes
    maximum framesize: 14425 bytes
    sample_rate: 44100 Hz
    channels: 2
    bits-per-sample: 16
    total samples: 10609284
    MD5 signature: 27f6c375b89c6c9560c272d6a58bab4d
    METADATA block #1
    type: 3 (SEEKTABLE)
    is last: false
    length: 450
    seek points: 25
    point 0: sample_number=0, stream_offset=0, frame_samples=4096
    point 1: sample_number=438272, stream_offset=1002634, frame_samples=4096
    point 2: sample_number=880640, stream_offset=2168177, frame_samples=4096
    point 3: sample_number=1318912, stream_offset=3272553, frame_samples=4096
    point 4: sample_number=1761280, stream_offset=4424585, frame_samples=4096
    point 5: sample_number=2203648, stream_offset=5618614, frame_samples=4096
    point 6: sample_number=2641920, stream_offset=6837105, frame_samples=4096
    point 7: sample_number=3084288, stream_offset=8099772, frame_samples=4096
    point 8: sample_number=3526656, stream_offset=9271895, frame_samples=4096
    point 9: sample_number=3964928, stream_offset=10375443, frame_samples=4096
    point 10: sample_number=4407296, stream_offset=11588796, frame_samples=4096
    point 11: sample_number=4849664, stream_offset=12817438, frame_samples=4096
    point 12: sample_number=5287936, stream_offset=14066402, frame_samples=4096
    point 13: sample_number=5730304, stream_offset=15312368, frame_samples=4096
    point 14: sample_number=6172672, stream_offset=16510657, frame_samples=4096
    point 15: sample_number=6610944, stream_offset=17761607, frame_samples=4096
    point 16: sample_number=7053312, stream_offset=19051028, frame_samples=4096
    point 17: sample_number=7495680, stream_offset=20332712, frame_samples=4096
    point 18: sample_number=7933952, stream_offset=21621061, frame_samples=4096
    point 19: sample_number=8376320, stream_offset=22895224, frame_samples=4096
    point 20: sample_number=8818688, stream_offset=24184208, frame_samples=4096
    point 21: sample_number=9256960, stream_offset=25450320, frame_samples=4096
    point 22: sample_number=9699328, stream_offset=26730798, frame_samples=4096
    point 23: sample_number=10141696, stream_offset=28024595, frame_samples=4096
    point 24: sample_number=10579968, stream_offset=29040029, frame_samples=4096
    METADATA block #2
    type: 4 (VORBIS_COMMENT)
    is last: true
    length: 172
    vendor string: reference libFLAC 1.2.1 20070917
    comments: 7
    comment[0]: ARTIST=Michael Jackson
    comment[1]: TITLE=Remember the time
    comment[2]: ALBUM=Dangerous
    comment[3]: DATE=1991
    comment[4]: GENRE=Pop
    comment[5]: TRACKNUMBER=5
    comment[6]: TRACKTOTAL=14

    What am I missing?




    I “solved” this problem by using an SVN version (mt-daapd-svn-1586)
    Seems OK
    The stable version does not work in this respect

    ==John ff

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