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    Hello all,

    is it true, that i must use the unstable versions, if I want to use FIREFLY with PINNACLE SOUNDBRIDGES (NO Roku) ?

    I’ve tried the last days version 1696 on a brandnew NSLU2 with unslung 6.10 , and it’s a nightmare.
    There are only two possibilities for me:

    crashing while initial- and or manual scanning (no more running mt-daapd-processes), but if I skip scanning i can use the files found for playlists and i can use them for a while with both soundbriges and itunes…

    scanning will work after changing to SQLITE3, I can create playlists, but both of mine soundbridges won’t play any playlist (all lists are seen, but “can’t play error” from soundbridge for any selection). Same with ITUNES, can see all files, but can’t play any (without error message)

    Or is anything OK, and there is a limit for mp3 ?
    I’ve tried to scan nearly 20.000 mp3’s …

    Please, be so kind and tell me , what version I have to use if I want to play my music and don’t want to play try and error ๐Ÿ˜‰ ?

    Thank you for your support!
    regards from germany,



    You will find that version 1586 is more stable – works well for me on PC or on NSLU2.


    I’ll drop back to an older version …


    Iร‚ยดm running 1696 on an NSLU2 with few problems. I upgraded from 1586 because I needed the enhancements in the newer nightly. The only problem I have encountered on my setup is the need to disable automatic scanning. Scanning while serving music caused firefly to crash.

    As the previous poster suggested you could downgrade to a previous nightly, but I would think about downgrading UNSLUNG from the beta 6.10 to stable 6.8. Running beta on beta is just asking for trouble.


    I don’t think UNSLUNG 6.10 is the problem. Remember, the 6.8 has allways been a beta too !
    You can find in the Unslung 6.10 Read Me:
    “…. There are no significant changes …. Anyone installing Unslung from scratch should always use the latest version (in this case, Unslung 6.10-beta).”
    see also

    But you can read in this forum about many problems with FIREFLY v1696.
    So I went backwards in the version history until I found first time the comment “Again, this seems (if it starts up at all!) to be stableish, but if you are wanting something super stable, go for 1589.”
    This entry was found in version 1659, and this version is running the last two days, with four clients connected, without any problem.

    I think I will run this version until I will get any problem or anybody tells me that this was not a good idea because of …
    In this case I’ll try the next lower version, or the “super stable 1589”

    Install and uninstall is much easier using Linux then using Windows ๐Ÿ˜†

    I think it’s a good idea to say “Thank you” to the persons, which made the FIREFLY! Good Job, pretty software !

    regards, Dirk


    @dirk v wrote:

    I think it’s a good idea to say “Thank you” to the persons, which made the FIREFLY! Good Job, pretty software !

    regards, Dirk

    Welcome. That’s the second note I’ve gotten to put 1586 in a more prominent position.

    — Ron


    Hi Dirk,

    I’m running unslung 6.8 and firely svn1696 because I had problems with earlier versions of FFMS. However, I still get the issue of FFMS crashing whilst trying to do a scan so it is currently disabled. It always gets me when I add new music and can’t find it on my Soundbridge! I also had the issue with having to use SQLITE3.

    Anyway, I just wanted to ask you if you find the stable 1586 works with scanning enabled? If so I might move back and see how I get on?



    For me both 1586 and 1696 worked with scanning during playback. But that was on debian-lenny slug self compiled.

    But it SHOULD normally do the scanning stable. Maybe you should enable -d 9 and see what it pumps out? Maybe a special songs crashes it in scanning?

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