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Newbie setup questions

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    First of all, I’m a complete n00b when it comes to mt-daapd/firefly, so please forgive my ignorance.

    I’m using a Xeon dual core based system, 1GB ram, total of 1.6TB storage.

    I currently have a basic installation of Ubuntu Server 8.04.

    I have a collection of roughly 20k music files, mostly mp3 format, along with a couple of hundred video files and I’d like to stream them on my local network to iTunes and also make them available remotely over the internet – so that I may access them when in work etc.

    My thoughts are to install and run mt-daapd and Jinzora side by side, using mt-daapd to stream the media to iTunes and Jinzora to stream it via a web interface so that I can access it remotely – is this a possible/feasable setup?

    I’d also like to use a media streaming device, such as, to make the media accessible from my main AV setup. Would such a system be able to pickup and use the mt-daapd stream?

    Sorry if I’m confused, it’s late (I’m in the UK) and my mind is spinning with the various idea’s I would like to implement.

    All idea’s and suggestions greatfully appreciated. 🙂




    Sadly, no, you cannot use that media player to stream from mt-daapd.
    mt-daapd/firefly uses the RSP/DAAP protocol to browse and stream music.
    I only know about 1 small device that supports this, which is the soundbridge (available in different models). It is branded by Roku or Pinnacle.

    Also, mt-daapd doesn’t really support streaming of video. Although technically it’s possible, we haven’t got it quite working.

    A user developed FirePlay, a webbased player to stream from firefly remotely. Unless you prefer Jinzora’s interface, I’d recommend to try fireplay.


    Oh dear, this is why I really should read the rest of the forums before I post. 😳

    Having now done a bit of reading up, it seems that I can use Firefly combined with Fireplay to do exactly when I want, without the need for any third party streaming solutions…

    So my thought now is quite simply to run a basic Ubuntu box with Firefly and Fireplay. I’m also going to ditch iTunes in favour of Media Monkey or similar as I need to be able to sync my iPod with my music library, which I understand I can’t do using a daap share in iTunes?

    All being well I’m now aiming to have the box and software all set up this evening, and hopefully have the media files in place by tomorrow evening so that I can try it out whilst I’m away from home this weekend.

    EDIT: Thanks Evilripper. 🙂


    It may well be just as simple to run a small linux media centre type box then, and simply use Fireplay for streaming to my main AV setup. 🙂


    Correct, you cannot sync using DAAP with your iPod.
    Firefly simply offers read-only streams of music.

    @faulknerm wrote:

    It may well be just as simple to run a small linux media centre type box then, and simply use Fireplay for streaming to my main AV setup. 🙂

    Only if it is a complete system with monitor, keyboard and mouse, yes. 🙂


    Fair enough, why am I making life more difficult for myself? 🙄 😀

    I might as well just buy a sound bridge and use that for streaming my music, and then look into other solutions for my video files.

    Thanks again for your help. 🙂 I’ll keep you posted…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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