New to Firefly: seeking help to set-up for OSX Leopard

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    I’m new to internet radio having recently purchased a Roku SoundBridge radio. For the last three weeks I have been trying to find a version of Firefly that will work with OSX Leopard.

    I have had no problems downloading and installing SlimServer. So I know I have everything else set-up and working correctly.

    I have tried to work-out what I need to do from the Roku & Firefly forums but have had only limited success. I have discovered that others are having the same problems – hangs / never finishes start-up.

    However, I’m not a computer programmer and I get lost trying to find the latest update that I can download that works with OSX Leopard. I have com across the other name for Firefly and reference to stable and nighly builds as well as different version numbers.

    I would be grateful if someone could clear up my confusion and give me some simple clear straight forward answers / directions on what I need to do. i.e download from this link or you will have to wait for another version to be developed.

    Thanks for your assistance.


    Maybe that post could help you.

    And you wanted straight forward answers. I’ll do my best;

    Download the latest nightly for mac: (Post points to the .dmg, I have 0 experience/knowledge of macs)
    This link is from the nightly download page (

    I guess this version should work on OSX Leopard.
    Make sure it’s not firewalled, like in the thread above.

    If it’s not working, I’d suggest to raise your debuglevel to 5 or 9, and check the logfile.
    Due to 0 experience/knowledge of macs, i have no idea where to find these options, sorry.

    Hope this gets you on the right track.


    Judging from the post here

    you should be able to get 10.5 running if you take svn1586 from the nightlies site:

    I don’t have 10.5 yet on my mac so can only advise from what’s been posted. Search under ‘leopard’ for other users’ experiences. However, if you review the post that EVILripper linked to above with the stuff I bashed through with someone else trying to get them up and running then fingers crossed you’ll get there. Bear in mind that was quite a few months back so svn versions etc have moved on but the basics remain the same.

    Couple of things to bear in mind: you’ll probably find that the first time you perform a scan it’ll hang on startup. Let it run a while then stop and restart and it should then indicate in the preference pane that firefly is indeed running.

    Make sure you open up a port in your firewall. Also make sure you shorten the self-assigned name that firefly gives – if it’s long then firefly can’t handle it & won’t play.

    Holler if you need more help. 😉


    Thanks to everyone who responded to my request for help to get FireFly working on OSX Leopard.

    I can report that I am successfully using FireFox.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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