Need to constantly restart server, then it stops in 45Mins

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    I am using Widows XP media server and am having a lot of problems maintaining a connection to the firefly server. I have found that shutting down the ITunes and Windows Media Fille sharing has improved the situation but when a connection is made to my SoundBridge M1001 it only lasts for about 45 Minutes before the “No Media Libraries Found (Why) ? warning comes up while I am listening to it. To restart the file sharing I have to stop then Start the FireFly Media Server several times. It will then work for 45 minutes or so before it shuts down again.
    I have tried alternative port numbers with the same result.
    Internet Radio always works, it is not a comms problem.
    I think the Soundbridge is a great device but it would be nice to switch it on and play stuff without having to stop & start the server all night, it can become difficult after a glass of wine or 6.
    Any ideas will be gratefully received and tried.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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