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Need help installing mt-daapd with FLAC support

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    I am running the mt-daapd nightly 20060324 on a Kurobox PPC Linux server (standard install, not Gentoo) and am trying to recompile mt-daapd with FLAC support. I have the flac binary in /usr/bin but do not have libFLAC installed (due to ppc support issues). Whenever I try to compile mt-daapd with –enable-flac I get an error about libFLAC not being found. Is there anyway around this? Has anyone successfully installed libFLAC on a standard Kurobox?

    Any assistance is much appreciated!



    You can compile it without –enable-flac, and just add .flac to your extensions. It will work, you just won’t get file metadata (title, author, album, etc).

    Why doesn’t flac work on the kuro? It works on all the other ppc platforms I have, seems like it should work on kuro, too.

    — Ron



    Thanks for the reply Ron.

    I’m not sure why, but I cannot compile flac on my Kuro as I get errors about altivec not being found, even though I try to compile with altivec and asm support disabled. From the few results Google yields, it looks like others have had a similar issue, so I may look for an older version of flac (both 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 have the same issue).

    I have tried playing flac files on the SoundBridge but this isn’t working either. I can see the files – type Wav, plus a valid length in the properties, but they won’t play. If I check the mt-daapd.log, it seems to be streaming them okay.

    Any suggestions on things to check?



    Run it with a -d9, and it should show you the command it is using to transcode. Run that command right from the command line, and make sure it pumps back a bunch of crap at you.

    You could also run that and redirect it to something.wav and make sure that .wav file plays on a regular machine, too.



    I’ve tried running mt-daapd with -d9 and reviewed the output. However I cannot see any obvious lines such as a call to in there. What should I be looking for?

    Incidentally, I tried running

    /usr/local/sbin/ /mnt/other/test.flac 0 0

    and get a whole lot of garbage output to the screen.

    If I try to output this to a file with

    /usr/local/sbin/ /mnt/other/test.flac 0 0 > /mnt/other/test.wav

    I get the error wavstreamer: Read failed.

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    If you run mt-daapd with -d5 you should see something like:

    Thread 2: Autoconvert file /Users/ron/working/mt-daapd/src/new-mp3/ogg/Genesis_-_LTWW10_Tonight,Tonight,Tonight.ogg for client
    Executing ./ "/Users/ron/working/mt-daapd/src/new-mp3/ogg/Genesis_-_LTWW10_Tonight,Tonight,Tonight.ogg" 0 215.600 "ogg"

    Try running that, with quotes and everything, and redirect it to a file.

    Also, you might try editing the and putting explicit paths to flac and wavstreamer, since your paths and environment will be different when running as a daemon.



    Thanks Ron. This is odd. I’ve added explicit paths for wavstream and flac and tried running mt-daapd with d-5. The first 10 or so tracks the Roku tried playing didn’t work but then the next one out of every 10 or so actually did play fine. Here’s a sample of the output running -d -f :

    Session 1: Streaming file '01 - Professional Jealousy .flac' to (offset 0)
    Finished streaming file to remote: 16384 bytes
    Session 1: Streaming file '01 - Roadhouse Blues.flac' to (offset 0)
    Finished streaming file to remote: 16384 bytes
    Thread 129: Autoconvert file /mnt/itunes/__FLAC/Counting Crows - August And Everything After (1993)[FLAC](MFSL)/01 - Round Here.flac for client
    Executing /usr/local/sbin/ "/mnt/itunes/__FLAC/Counting Crows - August And Everything After "'('"1993"')'"[FLAC]"'('"MFSL"')'"/01 - Round Here.flac" 0 333.826 "flac"
    Session 1: Streaming file '01 - Round Here.flac' to (offset 0)
    Finished streaming converted file to remote
    wavstreamer: Write failed.

    Note that only the last track above actually played. I outputted the following to a wav file, and this plays back fine.

    /usr/local/sbin/ "/mnt/itunes/__FLAC/Counting Crows - August And Everything After "'('"1993"')'"[FLAC]"'('"MFSL"')'"/01 - Round Here.flac" 0 333.826 "flac" > /mnt/other/august.wav

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    Incidentally, I have tried manually outputting various flac files to wavs (as per my previous post) and both files that play via mt-daapd and those that fail, output playable wavs fine…



    Can you send me on the of the flacs that don’t play? You can send me a link or the file at ron at



    Fixed in r914

    You’ll have to add the codectype “unkn” to your list of codectypes to transcode.

    — Ron


    don quixada

    I don’t know if this was/is your problem, but when I updated the flac codecs it broke firefly. I had to re-build firefly and then everything worked again.


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