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    I have just built a server using Server Elements Naslite-M2, which I believe Ron P was involved in the development of. Whilst the Roku will recognise the Media server it is severely limited compared to Firefly/Mt-Daapd etc running under XP/Ubuntu. Can you advise please:

    1. Do you know if there Is any intention/plan to provide the Full Firefly/Roku functionality under Naslite-M2 server?
    2. If not, would it be possible for a fairly incompetent Ubuntu user to effect the necessary code changes?

    Sorry if this is a ver naive question – but I really do like Firefly but not the fact that I have to run it on top of a huge operating system which brings little to the party.


    Don D

    ROKU Pinnacle M1001,Roberts M202 Internet Radio, Evolution Audio Internet Radio Windows XP on I7/920, Ubuntu Hardy Heron on AMD 2800, Neoware CA5 with Naslite M2 (highly speculative!)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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